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Master Reseller Hosting

Master Reseller Hosting in the Philippines

The two main items you look for when buy hosting is web space and bandwidth. Website is the amount of space on your hosting server to host your website. Bandwidth is the amount of bytes obtainable to transfer web pages from your site to visitors when they come to your site on a monthly base. Text and images on a website consume power or bandwidth on the web. Both web space and bandwidth price money.

The data that is carried almost the web is by network lines and these have a limited capacity. The quantity of data that can be removed at any given point in time is limited. Similarly, the physical size of the hard drive of a web server is what fix the amount of space of the hard drive. This space is also justly limited master reseller hosting in the Philippines. 

How many web space and bandwidth do you really demand ? 50 Mb or less of space would be enough for a 200-page website which would include text and images. One GB to Five Gbs would be enough bandwidth space for the same shape of a website. 

Sometimes when you go to the address bar and type in the address of the website and hit the “Enter” button you may get an error message saying that the site is not gain able, and that the server has reached its maximum bandwidth. This type of problem fall out when you have more visitors than the bandwidth can cope with. This very oft happens with unlimited bandwidth hosting.

A lot of hosts providers today delivery unlimited bandwidth and space hosting. By this unlimited hosting package, they are trying to imply that an unlimited amount of traffic can come to your website with no relation at all. Let me say you unlimited bandwidth hosting does not exist. It sounds very tempt though, doesn’t it master reseller hosting in the Philippines? This is just a marketing gimmick to get you to buying. When such companies advertise unlimited bandwidth hosting they are expectant that the website will not exceed its bandwidth as most websites commonly use a very small amount. But on special day your website may exceed that bandwidth as the number of visitors increase. That is the day you will not want your website to go down master reseller hosting in the Philippines, as a loss of visitors to your site means loss of business to you. 

So then do you go with those hosting society that advertises unlimited bandwidth & space hosting. 

The response is yes, but please keep in mind there is nothing called unlimited bandwidth hosting — only CHECK the company’s Terms of Service as to what they really mean by it.